We Were Not Created To Be Alone But Most Times In Life We Are By Ourselves.

I have always been told that I’m emotional. Dramatic even. Sometimes.

But not really.

Dramatic is staying down in the mist of failure and allowing the world around me to be affected by the negativity. Emotional is letting the world know that my heart is breaking every single time.

But I don’t.

I learned a long time ago that everyone doesn’t need to know.

Take it in. Reflect on it. Progress forward. Channel it to the next level.

There use to be a time that when I felt inadequate, I couldn’t allow to put myself out in the world to fail some more; over and over again, collecting bruises on my spirit, heart, and even at times, my ego. It was all very tiring.

It’s hard. It can be so freaking hard.

But overall what I want is growth. Overall, I want peace. But most of all, when I’m old, and my adventures are done, I want to be able to tell my grandchildren all the possibilities’ of opportunity and joy in my life because I allowed myself to grow.

Strange goals, I suppose. But you can’t blame a girl, can you?


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