4 Semi-Free things to do in Orlando: a City of the Sunshine State!

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So you guys, I’ve been doing a bit of traveling, including visiting family down in the sunny, incredibly humid, and surprisingly rainy state of Florida.


I know this isn’t exactly glaringly novel information. But it is new to me. I never traveled to Florida before.


This is the land of alligators, popular beaches, and a wealth of amusement parks. As you can see, there is plenty to do in this state. If you decide to vacation here, there is definitely a list of options. Especially in Orlando.


What can you do that’s free? That’s the million dollar question ( no pun intended).


If you come from a walkable city like me, you may understand my pain. In Cleveland, there may not be attractions that could live up to Orlando’s universal studios, but people who live there, have found ways to beat around the usage of a dollar.

1) Shadow Bay Park

A sight during a walk on a nature trail.

This is just a community park located in Florida that the locals go to. There are nature trails, playgrounds, tennis courts, and a basketball court. That park was one of my favorite places to travel to. And it didn’t cost a dime.

2) Universal CityWalk

Now we all know about the theme parks that are spread about the city.  From DisneyWorld to the new water park that is in construction, all are a lot of fun and a lot of money. But did you know you can enjoy some of the perks without having to be in any of those parks?

A hub of lights, sound, and activity!


Well you could come to this hotspot! This is a hub of entertainment, eateries, and (seemingly) endless shopping options. Parking is $20.00 but is free for residents after 6pm. 

3) St. Petersburg Beach

Now, if you love the beach, then you are a friend of my own heart. I love the beach!  This is a popular spot that sits outside of Tampa. Resorts have this area covered to give their guests a great view and great time near the water.


 4)  Black Hammock Adventures

On Lake Jesup, there is a free live alligator and bird exhibits. Watch trainers feed the 12-foot (3.6-meter), 650-pound (295-kilogram) resident gator Hammy on Sunday afternoons. At the restaurant, listen to free live music every Friday and Saturday night. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see this. Even though I’m not a huge fan of reptiles, I still think that would have been an interesting experience.


Even though all of these options are not entirely free, they will help prevent the burn in your pocketbook from getting any deeper. Orlando is definitely an expensive play to have fun in.



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