Twenties, Broke, and Happy

This has nothing to do with travel. This has nothing to do with culture. But it is everything that we, the twenty-somethings, are going through after college. I hope this inspires you.


From the title, I hope you can tell this is a journey post. It’s probably a post many people in their twenties can relate to. It’s probably a phase many people have gone through in their lifetime. I just wanted to make this post to say; you’re not alone.

I graduated in 2015 and I had plans. Plans to find a job that made 30k a year (for a starting career I believe is decent), move out of my mom’s house, and living the life I dreamed for my TWENTIES. A week before my graduation, I was able to line up two interviews (School doesn’t teach you about mastering interviews, you learn on your own) and I saw my future bright like a diamond.

After a few weeks, my graduation day had come and gone. The recruiters from the two interviews had my mind in limbo everyday as I…

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