Black Panther: Much More Than Expected

First off, I’m fully aware that this post is kind of a delayed reaction.

I watched Black Panther a week after the premier, and the second time a week after. Let me just tell you, my feelings were in motion from the very beginning.

I’m not going to lie to you, the advertisement was so heavy that I was a tiny bit skeptical the film would live up to the hyped. My fears were abated. Then, they were blown away.

For weeks after, I watched YouTube interviews, wanting to know more about these actors that were suddenly great in my mind despite not bothering to support previous films that they created. These beautiful men and women who collaborated with creative geniuses to create a superhero movies that also echoed back to me what I felt were about the community of the African Diapsora.

There were relationships that were highlighted: between men and women, family dynamics, and (the most gut wrenching) within the African Diaspora.

black panther

When I heard this part for the first in the theater, something reverberated within me. There was some emotion that I could not name other than recognizing a statement that could no doubt be true for those who were enslaved.

Reaction to the movie~

  • Astonishment– The detail and time Marvel spent into creating the fictional technology and executing the special effects definitely met my expectations and more.
  • Represented– I consider myself part of the African Diaspora, and feel that my darker-skinned sisters were championed by the smart and strong women portrayed within the movie. They were fierce and beautiful.
  • Community– This movie was so pro-black without being anti- anything. It celebrated culture in a way that made myself and many others feel connected and celebrated in a way never done before in western society. WAKANDA FOREVER.

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