Reunion: Overdue But Needed.

Hello Beautiful People,

It’s been quite a long time since I’ve last posted to this blog. >_<

There’s a lot of reasons. Some are good reasons. Some are just excuses. But let me share some facts just to catch up.

  1. I lived in Okayama, Japan for a little over 7 months. That wouldn’t seem like a lot of time to some people. But for me, it was was a long 7 months that allowed me to learn a little bit more about myself.
  2. I returned home with an epiphany of knowing exactly what I want to do with my life. It just took, ya know, 25 years to figure it out.
  3. I still update my Good reads page occasionally and my Instagram much more often. So if you want to know if I’m still alive, please follow either ( or both)!
  4. I actually dabbled in a few different things – started an inconsistent YouTube channel, created a blooming Bookstagram  (book-related Instagram) page. Maybe I’ll share them with you when I feel confident enough.
  5. Also, I’m a Godmother! You guys don’t know how much this has made me happy. I love babies.😍
  6. I am currently trying to be more present in other people’s lives’. There is nothing like to present so that you don’t regret the past later.

Maybe I’ll share with you guys some more as more of my experiences come to pass on this random journey.






Twenties, Broke, and Happy

This has nothing to do with travel. This has nothing to do with culture. But it is everything that we, the twenty-somethings, are going through after college. I hope this inspires you.


From the title, I hope you can tell this is a journey post. It’s probably a post many people in their twenties can relate to. It’s probably a phase many people have gone through in their lifetime. I just wanted to make this post to say; you’re not alone.

I graduated in 2015 and I had plans. Plans to find a job that made 30k a year (for a starting career I believe is decent), move out of my mom’s house, and living the life I dreamed for my TWENTIES. A week before my graduation, I was able to line up two interviews (School doesn’t teach you about mastering interviews, you learn on your own) and I saw my future bright like a diamond.

After a few weeks, my graduation day had come and gone. The recruiters from the two interviews had my mind in limbo everyday as I…

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Prepare to Live Abroad (For the Disorganized)

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So, I’m packing for my big move to Japan that will happen in a few months (Whoop Whoop!). So, much to do in so little time!

Pretty soon, I’ll start a career overseas. I will be the renaissance, carefree black magical curly- haired woman I have imagined myself to be ever since I was a young girl. (Well, not the curly-haired part. We may talk later about my once-upon-a-time inferiority complex of my now loved curls to the once adored idea of having straight Euro-centric hairstyles.)


Besides the stress for the most obvious preparation checkpoints (visa documentation, plane ticket, brush up on my language skills), there is a much deeper concern here.

I’m not a planner.

This, you may say, is no big deal. Just get a planner.

As a soon-to-be instructor of the English language to those who are learning the language as a secondary language, I need to get my ish together.


Well, this is my journey I have been steadily attempting to wrestle with for the past several years, and there are some things I a slowly am figuring out for myself.

Let me share.

Desk Calendars/ White Boards

Now, I hear all of the praise of the use of a daily planner. All the time, my mother tells me to write things down to remind me of dates and times that have been scheduled.

But who will remind me to look at my planner? No one will be there to remind me months from now when I am living in a foreign country on my own.

More recently, I realized that I needed visual reminders. Therefore, I have a couple of wall calendars on the wall above my bed. That way, I don’t have to search to look at any scheduled appointments. Everything would be right in my face. No excuses.

A white board is great for many things. But for me, I decided to buy two small boards from the dollar store. With one, I create a daily to-do list. This helps me organize my thoughts so that I am not overwhelmed.

I also created a done-list with the other. Many times I am not done with all of the tasks that I have set for myself for the day. Seeing the done list reminds me of my productivity and not to be so hard on myself.


I realized that I cannot own too many things. Honestly, I do not have a knack for organizing and decorating. I have too many things in my possession for no reason, and at times, I cannot figure out a way to have some organization that is functional.

My solution? Give everything away.

I can’t say I’m going the minimalist route (I have nurtured an alarming obsession with buying books). Many things may have to stay in storage during my time abroad (i.e. book collection).

As far as moving abroad, it’s best to pack the necessities. The general rule: if it’s something that can be bought at your destination and/or it is not a thing of high importance, don’t bring it.

I’m pretty sure there are more things to share with my fellow disorganized wanderers.